Personal Training and
Small Group Training

Personal Training should be exactly that – personal to you. Everyone who employs a personal trainer starts from their own level of fitness and has their own very specific goals. That is why I offer all my clients unique training programmes, tailored to individual needs and constantly monitored. I take the time to understand what my clients want to achieve and I have the skills to deliver.

You may want to train for a specific event or sport, lose some weight, make postural changes, increase your muscle mass, begin an exercise programme for the first time, get better results than with your current training, or simply improve your overall fitness for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, having your own dedicated specialist on hand to make your training safer, more effective and fun is worth it. It helps you stay motivated and see real progress towards your fitness goals.

With Optimum Personal Training you can train at home, work, or outside in the fresh air, at a time to suit you and your schedule.

I employ a holistic approach including diet and lifestyle factors, but one which is supportive, non-intimidating and realistic to the pressures of work and home life.

You may prefer to train with a partner or a small group of people, whether it be family, friends or work colleagues. This is a unique way for you to benefit from the quality of service that personal training offers, with the added motivation and support that training and achieving results together can bring.

Programmes are designed to allow you to work at your own speed, maintaining much of the quality of individual attention that personal training brings, whilst working towards your individual and group goals.

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Antenatal and Postnatal

Become an OptiMUM

Whether you have previously been a regular exerciser or not, why not take the opportunity to look after yourself during this important time by training one to one with a specialist in exercise and pregnancy.

Expectant mums, I can help you improve posture & lessen back ache, reduce pregnancy symptoms such as constipation and leg cramps, control excess weight gain, prepare your body for childbirth, boost energy levels helping you feel better about yourself, and lay the foundations for a faster post natal recovery.

As your body changes throughout the pregnancy, so the sessions will be adapted to suit you, whilst all the time ensuring the safety of you and your baby.

New mums, following your 6-week post-partum check-up you can begin a structured exercise programme. I can help you re-tone your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, correct posture, regain your figure, develop good techniques in your daily tasks - essential in back care, and enhance that feel good factor with some all important 'you time'.

With Optimum Personal Training you get the support you need to achieve a body that protects and supports you during pregnancy and beyond – and one that feels great too!

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Exercise for the
Older individual

Be fit for life.

The desires, goals and aspirations which accompany the third age can often rely on having a body which is fit for purpose. As a Functional Ageing Specialist I can help you exercise safely and effectively to work towards achieving just that.

Your age does not define your level of fitness, and whether you are in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s there are many factors which contribute to your physical condition at any point in time. However, it is my belief that whatever your current level, you can become fitter, healthier, more vibrant and functional at any age.

The personal training environment allows me to thoroughly assess your physical capabilities and tailor an exercise programme that is uniquely beneficial to you. We can work together to improve your muscle strength and power, balance, flexibility, mobility and aerobic capacity. My aim is to help you achieve a fitter and healthier body - one that allows you to enjoy your favourite activities, successfully carry out daily tasks, is less likely to fall and helps you maintain your independence.

This is not about training to run a marathon (unless you want to!) or play rugby. It’s about being fit for life – whatever that may mean for you right now.

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